Monday, September 21, 2015

Two More Authors in the Paws and Claws #Boxset Candace Blevins and Cara Wylde

Now available for only 99cent.


21 books, many full length novels, over a $40 value! 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 
Bears, wolves and lions, oh my! This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle lets you sink your teeth into all the hot, sexy shifters you could ever dream up! Over 375,000 words of paranormal prose with powerful, protective alphas looking for their fated mates. 

Twenty-one great erotica and erotic romance authors will take you back to the wild, where raw passion rules, and primitive need dominates all. From lions, to tigers, to bears, these shifters will bring out the animal in you. 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 

This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME.


Check out the start of several of the stories. 

Lioness by Candace Blevins

I’d fucked up, and I knew it.
In Lion society, the males rule. Period. It isn’t open for discussion. A woman can never lead a pride. It isn’t like this for all animal groups, but it is for us, and I’d had to come to terms with it.
And then break the rules.
One by one, a group of women werelions had followed me to the fucking middle of nowhere, determined to be autonomous without a man over us. In the wild, if the male screws up too bad, the women can work together to get rid of him.
So, we lived in Trezevant, Tennessee, population eight hundred and fifty nine, if you count the nine werelions as people. There’s zero nightlife, but plenty of woods we can run through.
So, how had I fucked up?
We may not have a normal pride, with a lion we have to submit to and eat after on a daily basis, but we still have an Amakhosi, which is a fancy word for the Lion King. Of the planet. And he lives on the other side of the fucking state.
Except now, he was in my office.
In my defense, I had no idea who he was when he walked in. He’d been shielding his power, and I’d not only refused to show respect, I’d been openly hostile.
Now, I was cowering on the floor in front of him, my arms and legs under me, curled in a ball. Remember tornado drills in school? A lot like that.
“I’m sorry, My King. I had no idea it was you!”
Now, he was throwing so much power in the room, I could barely breathe. My body felt like a huge drum at the bottom of the ocean, caving in from the pressure, and I fought to pull air into my chest.
When he finally pulled his power back, I sucked air into my lungs, lightheaded, but I stayed on the floor, curled in a ball.
“You challenged me.”
“I didn’t know it was you! I’d have never challenged you, if I’d known, Your Majesty.”

“Do you recognize the name Tim Baker?”

Trapped in a Gilded Cage by Cara Wylde

Alma Venus
Avelyn dropped her towel and reached for the blue bathrobe. She caught a glimpse of her body in the mirror and stopped for a second, contemplating it from the top of her head to her dark red toenails. She sighed. “Three more months.” The only thing she couldn’t give up on when she had made her decision almost 10 years before was her hair. It cascaded down her bare back, reddish blond curls that were now heavy with water. She had given up on her slim waist, narrow hips, and smooth thighs. At first, it was difficult, but there was no other way. The only thing that could offer her a sense of control and confidence was changing her body, attitude, beliefs, and even dreams as much as possible, becoming the opposite of what was expected of her. She refused to be like the others girls, thin, shy, and obedient, waiting for Prince Charming to spend a fortune to enjoy their grace and talents.
An impatient knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts.
“Avelyn, hurry up! I’ve got it.”
Even though Delyse had whispered, Avelyn could hear the excitement in her voice. She threw on her bathrobe, snatched a dry towel for her hair, and unlocked the door.
“Where is it?”
“Right here,” said Delyse. She motioned for her friend to follow her to one of the single beds. They both sat down, and Delyse pulled out a white envelope. Avelyn grabbed it and opened it with trembling hands. She took out the shiny ID card and looked closely at her own picture. Joanna Thorne. She repeated the name two more times, loving the way it rolled down her lips. She hugged Delyse, squeezing her small frame so hard that the girl could hardly breathe for a moment.
“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“No problem,” smiled Delyse. “I told you my brother would do anything for his little sister.”

21 stories for only 99cents,

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