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Paws and Claws - Authors Vicki Savage and Andie Devaux #99cents #boxset #shifters

Now available for only 99cent.


21 books, many full length novels, over a $40 value! 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 
Bears, wolves and lions, oh my! This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle lets you sink your teeth into all the hot, sexy shifters you could ever dream up! Over 375,000 words of paranormal prose with powerful, protective alphas looking for their fated mates. 

Twenty-one great erotica and erotic romance authors will take you back to the wild, where raw passion rules, and primitive need dominates all. From lions, to tigers, to bears, these shifters will bring out the animal in you. 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 

This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME.


Check out the start of several of the stories. 

Captured by the Bear by Vicki Savage

Shae Donovan squinted through her snow—speckled goggles as she hit the gas in her snowmobile. Damn, the winter storm was going from bad to worse. Hopefully she’d be able to find that family before it was too late.

“Come on, girl. You can do it.” The engine sputtered and jerked as she pumped the gas and willed the old machine to go faster.

The thick snow and poor visibility made it so she couldn’t see more than a few paces in front of her. Shae had to rely on her knowledge of the landscape and her instincts as a guide to prevent her from going in circles. Heaven only knew how much longer those parents and little girl would last in such terrible conditions. They didn’t know the land like she did.

Wiping the snow from her control panel, she saw that her fuel gauge was almost on empty. Fuck. She wasn’t going to have enough gas to return to the ski lodge. If the snow kept falling like this throughout the night, she’d die of frostbite right along with that family.

Shae was normally much better at finding lost tourists. In fact, her knack for locating people was legendary at the lodge. It irritated her that these three still hadn’t been found. She had checked all of the paths and all of the marked slopes twice. Where could they be?

Claiming Their Royal Mate by Andie Devaux

Holy crap. How had she accumulated so many clothes that no longer fit?

Barely keeping hold of the bags full of old clothes, Daniella Clark bumped her butt into the door to push it open. Stepping into the hallway, she hit something nearly as hard as the door—something that grunted at the contact. The bags slipped from her fingers to land on the threshold. The hard body she’d run into was attached to a large man blocking her doorway, and her glare didn’t seem to ruffle him at all.

The jerk was always in her way lately.

“Jeez. Way to skulk around my door. What do you want, Owen?” Daniella asked, hating the breathiness in her voice.

Her neighbor stared at her for a moment, and his nostrils flared. Something passed behind his gaze. Something that made her breath catch and tension build between her legs. But just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. And he shrugged, arrogant mask engaged.

“I was just passing by. Not my fault you didn’t look where you were going.”

The man was seriously aggravating. She could hardly believe they’d been good friends the last year, ever since she’d accidentally locked herself out of her apartment. He’d been kind enough to give her a place to hang out while she’d waited for the building’s superintendent to show up with the key. From then on, they’d hung out at least once a week, sometimes more, depending on her schedule. That is, up until a month ago.

“I’m getting sick of you always being in my way, Owen.” She picked up the bags, needing something to look at that wasn’t her ridiculously hot neighbor. Her attraction to him itself was irritating because he wasn’t her type, even if he did make her weak in the knees. His face was hard, chiseled and memorable, but his features were too strong to be considered traditionally handsome—his nose too Roman and his jaw a little too wide. Not to mention he rarely smiled at her anymore, and she liked men who weren’t afraid to enjoy life.

Heck, that was why she’d liked his company for so long—his easy laughter and quick wit. Over the last month, it was as if he’d turned into a different man. One who didn’t smile much and who was quick to anger.

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