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Paws and Claws #Authors - Kristen Strassel and Leslie Hunter #shifters

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Twenty-one great erotica and erotic romance authors will take you back to the wild, where raw passion rules, and primitive need dominates all. From lions, to tigers, to bears, these shifters will bring out the animal in you. 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 

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Check out the start of several of the stories.  

Cougar and the Lion by Kristen Strassel

All my friends love Girls’ Night out. They look forward to escaping their kids and mates for a couple hours, not to mention the chance to drink too much wine and let loose. But for me it was just a reminder I didn’t have any of those things to leave behind.
As everyone’s families grew, girls’ night happened less and less. And that was fine with me, it saved me from making excuses not to go. After a while it just got awkward. I don’t know anything about soccer practice, or potty training, or home equity. And I can’t remember the last time anyone asked me if I was seeing someone. Thank Gods. Because then they would try to play matchmaker.
But tonight, Girls’ Night was unavoidable. My younger sister Katera came down from Denver for the weekend and invited her best friends to come out and celebrate with us. There was no bowing out of this one, I was the guest of honor.
Tonight was my fortieth birthday.
Turning forty wasn’t bad at all. I certainly wasn’t old, and I was happy with who I’d become. I might not have the two point five kids or the picket fence, but I love my job as a reporter at the local newspaper, and I have a cute little apartment. Nobody ever guesses that I’m much more than thirty, so I can’t look that bad. All of the cougars in the pride aged well. Say what you want about the extra pounds I’m carrying, but fat trumps wrinkles any day of the week in my book.
“I’m so excited to try this new club!” Kat was trying way too hard to show me a good time tonight, like she’d found out I was terminal instead of forty. “The owners have a club in London, too. I checked out a few years back when I was over there for work.”
Anyone would guess Kat and I were sisters, we looked a lot alike with our long blonde hair and hazel eyes. But she was taller than me and her body was absolute perfection. I envied her, but I also knew how hard she worked to look like that. And it paid off. It had taken her around the world, working as a model, her feline grace photographing beautifully. Now that she was in her thirties, she was actually busier than ever, with a never—ending call to play mommy in commercials.
“Do you think we’ll get in?” I raised an eyebrow as I wiped off some of my blush. Kat’s makeup was perfect, and mine was bordering on streetwalker. Whoops. I hardly ever wore more than the absolute basics unless I was going someplace like this. “I hear that place is super picky. I’m happy just going to dinner, you know. We don’t have to get crazy.”

Werewolf Lust Two by Leslie Hunter
A good bounty hunter knows when to use the correct tools. Right now, that’s a Twinkie. Some look at my size and think, ‘Of Course’. I learned to play into people’s stereotypes about big girls. Yes, it tastes good, but it’s as effective as any gun.
My bounty, Sergio Garcia walked outside of the convenience store. I followed him for the last two hours in the Texas sun and waited. In my business, you couldn’t wait for the perfect time – just less worse. I slid out of the Jeep and made a show of eating the Twinkie.
Sergio glanced in my direction, his shoulders went up, and he frowned. I muffled an “Excuse me” as I passed. His eyes went back toward the road in case any men came in guns blazing. I turned around and pressed the silver barrel of my 44 Magnum against his back.
I pulled his gun from under his shirt. “Hello Sergio. Ready to go back to prison?”
He spun around and knocked the Magnum from my hand. His gun fell as well. The smart thing would have been to shoot right away. After Iraq, I’ve seen too many deaths. Besides, it’s hard to get paid when the bounty’s dead and I didn’t feel like sitting in jail.
He reached down for the gun. I kicked him hard with a Krav Maga kick and his head went back. He fell back toward the dirt and hunched his shoulders while groaning. I kicked his gun away and aimed the gun.
I spoke in Spanish. “Don’t make me kill you.” I tossed the handcuffs and smiled as I ate the rest of my victory Twinkie.
I’ve been in firefights in Iraq and dragged soldiers hit by explosives. Despite that, my heart never beat as fast as it did now. In less than ten minutes, I’d see him again. No photos or grainy video chat, but the real deal.
My eyes went up to a photo of us together just before I shipped out. Skinny, short blond Nash on the left and me next to him. Even then I kept my brown hair short. I had a similar camouflage tank top like the one I’m wearing now. Loose enough to be comfortable during a stake—out but enough to support ‘the girls’.
Maybe I should have dressed up.
It’s not a date.

Isn’t it?

All for only 99cents,

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