Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Paws and Claws #boxset - #Authors from Desirae Grove and Edith Hawkes

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21 books, many full length novels, over a $40 value! 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 
Bears, wolves and lions, oh my! This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle lets you sink your teeth into all the hot, sexy shifters you could ever dream up! Over 375,000 words of paranormal prose with powerful, protective alphas looking for their fated mates. 

Twenty-one great erotica and erotic romance authors will take you back to the wild, where raw passion rules, and primitive need dominates all. From lions, to tigers, to bears, these shifters will bring out the animal in you. 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 

This EXCITE SPICE bundle is on sale for a LIMITED TIME.


Check out the start of several of the stories. 

Shared by Her Bears by Desirae Grove

Cold water seeped through the holes in her sneakers: curious slits that appeared a few night into her crossing. Too driven by fear and the need to escape, Angie paid little attention to their unlikely precision: five neat but vicious punctures splayed around her toes. Her mother had thrust the sneakers at her in great haste, assuring Angie this pair would hold up okay, that she wouldn’t wander into Evergreen Heights bare—foot like an animal. The town was only a few miles away now, though how she knew this, she couldn’t be certain. Her parents gave no directions, told her to get off the bus at the very last stop and make for the tree—line. To walk in the icy streams as much as she possible. To rest only when she must, and to never stop moving toward her goal, or they would find her. Catch her. Put her to use.
Angie winced as the cold gripped her feet, but she was getting used to it now. Eighteen days she’d been on foot through the mountains: no map, no compass but the stars and something inside her that compelled her to go on. Thirst and hunger kept her from thinking about her parents back home, or if home even existed any more. She drowned out her memory of their cries with birdsong and her thumping footsteps.
Her full hips had become no less generous in this time, and Angie wondered how her constant trekking and raw food diet had done so little to affect the soft curves that had caused so much trouble back in the city. The burly, whistling men, imploring her to bend over in the street and give them a better look. The amorous boys in school, struggling to hide their attraction behind notebooks in class, their adolescent manhoods responding instinctively to the shy girl with the plump curves and flowing strawberry blonde hair. As a college freshman, she thought now would be the time for her to start dating, to take advantage of this mysterious aphrodisiac effect she had that so worried her parents, and caused them so many fretful nights at the table with her Uncles. Here in the mountains, she missed the attention while she cursed it. If it hadn’t been for her, so many people might be alive right now...

She sniffed the cold night air and caught traces of wood burning, gasoline and black coffee, and blueberry pie. She struck out for the distant glow between the trees, and as the moon rose above her, she finally saw the sign she’d been looking for.

Bearllionaire Stepbrother by Edith Hawkes

My life was over; my world as I knew it was ending.
This can’t be happening.
My dad’s face was beaming when he told me the “great” news that would rip me from everything I knew. I’d had a bad feeling it was coming but had kept clinging to the fantasy that he’d change his mind.
“We’re moving to the great outdoors,” he grinned. “Just imagine it: all the fresh clean air, no more traffic! You’re going to love it!”
Did he not know me at all? Me, in the humid woods… with this hair? It was bad enough trying to keep the big ball of untameable frizz straight as it was.
I was a city girl, born and raised amidst all the noise, used to the convenience of everything being so close by… There was no way I could make it out in the wilderness. I needed the big libraries and countless coffee shops. Oh God, did they have Wi—Fi up there? I was starting to panic now. And how on earth would I live without sushi and Chinese takeaways? My tummy rumbled just at the thought. I was going to starve!
“Dad, are you sure this is what you want? You and Alex? Can’t she and Jake move in with us down here?” I looked up at him and saw his smile falter. I felt guilty asking, but what the hell? If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That was my motto.
“Well, yes, technically they could. But Jess, you know they have the timber business up there. It’s not feasible for them to commute each day,” he said, pausing. “And with the magazine I can work from anywhere. It makes sense for us to move in with them. But honey, if you really don’t want to go, I’m sure we can figure something out. Maybe I could go up on the weekends and spend the rest of the time in the city with you?”

Shit. I’ve turned into a selfish brat. And after he’d been through so much already. I couldn’t say no to him now and break his partially mended heart.

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