Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A #Western Historical Romance about a #Ghosthunter for #TGTBTG

Warning this is not a hot erotic series - sweet and sensual instead. 

Every author in this box set is busy creating their story but I managed to get them to stop for a few minutes to answer a few question. Read them over the next several weeks.

Here is today’s question:  Seeing as this box set also includes a romance, which characters in your story do you see getting together?

Keta Diablo said:
Well, I hope I can count on my hero and heroine to find their happily-ever-after, although they have many obstacles to overcome first. But that’s what romance is all about, right? One has to kiss many frogs before they find their prince.

Anita Philmar said:
My agent, Ruth Olivia Wilson and Konnor McKee fall for each other from the moment they meet. The problem is his ex-girlfriend, a helpful ghost and Ruth’s job are getting in the way.

Blaire Edens said:
Cole Swansby and Annabelle Lawson *might* be perfect for each other but there are a couple of problems. She’s hell-bent on getting back to Kentucky and her grandmother. He’s so convinced that there’s no such thing as ghosts and her ability to speak to them scares him. The only way they can get together is if they’re both willing to open their minds and their hearts to each other and that’s a tall order.

Charlene Radddon said:
     My agent, Burke Jameson, is the hero. The heroine is a woman who shot her abusive husband and believes he's dead. Instead, he's alive and "haunting" the area. But there's a real ghost in my story as well. Burke and the "widow" fall in love as she tries to help him solve the mystery of the paranormal activity in the area. 

Patty Sherry-Crews said:
There are two love stories in my book.

Nat Tremayne assigns Healy to this case for a reason other than to solve the case. Nat wants to put Healy out of her comfort zone. He wants her to find adventure and romance.
Healy and Aaron meet at the hotel and the sparks fly. When he asks what she’s doing in Tucson she teases him and tells him he’s the detective so he can figure it out. He can’t get a read on her and thinks she’s everything from a prostitute to a serial killer (term not invented yet). He’s a concrete thinker and Healy completely unmoors him.

Healy has had her heart-broken once and thinks she’s too odd a person for men to like. Aaron along with some mysterious props that appear along the way change her view of herself. She blossoms in the desert.

When Aaron gets a telegram instructing him to locate a lady posing as a mail-order bride in order to kill men, Healy and Aaron’s cases converge.

There is a secondary love story between Abbott and Cora’s ghost. Cora died when they had some unresolved issues. Healy has to act as marriage counselor to put Cora’s ghost to rest, and as a result of talking things out, Abbott and Cora remember the love they shared.

Margo Collins said: If they can just move beyond their respective pasts and learn to work together, I think Ruby and Trip might just have a shot…

Erin Hayes said:
I feel like Hattie would get mad at me if I revealed it. So my lips are sealed!
Andrea Downing said:
Well, Lizzie and her husband, Colby, of the 1800s are very much in love but she needs to get back to her contemporary, 2016, life.  Will it happen for them?  You’re going to have to read the book to find out…

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