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Location, Location, Location #99cent #HistoricalWestern #TGTBTG

Warning this is not a hot erotic series - sweet and sensual instead. 

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One of the most important elements of a story is where it’s located, so I had to ask the other authors in The Good, the Bad and the Ghostly where they planned to set their story.

Here is what they told me.

Keta Diablo said:
Comes an Outlaw is set in the hot, arid climate of Arizona. The land was as wild and dangerous as the people it called forth. And there’s so much to love about such a location…the desert, the mountains, and the wide cast of creatures that inhabit it.

Anita Philmar said:
West River Center is no longer using that name. It is now Shelton, NE. A city in the central part of Nebraska. McKee’s Ghost sits in the middle of the heartland and touches all the elements which makes this part of the country great. It is also known for raising Shelton horse which is the job of my hero.

Blaire Edens said:
My story has two main locations:  Reno and Virigina City, Nevada. During the 1880s, Virginia City was booming. Because of the Comstock Lode, it drew people from all over the country, many of whom were sure they’d strike gold. Literally. A young Mark Twain was drawn to Virginia City. Originally he went looking for gold but soon found more reliable pay at the Territorial Enterprise, the local newspaper. Reno was a growing city and the two were connected by the Virginia Truckee Railroad. I was able to find maps of both cities, train schedules, even daily newspapers from the period. As I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into the research, I’ve begun to feel like I could navigate both cities if I were magically transported back in time. I’ve spend quite a bit of time in Nevada and I love the state and the people. It’s a magical place that has much more to offer than Vegas. Not that I don’t love the bright lights! I toyed with several other cites, but these two just felt like the perfect backdrop for a Wild West ghost story.

Charlene Radddon said:
    My story is set in the fictitious town of Boomtown, Colorado in the vicinity of Pikes Peak.

Patty Sherry-Crews said:

My story takes place in St. Louis to start with, but then the action moves to Tucson, AZ--a place I love. Most of the action happens either in the hotel or on a cattle ranch, but there is a section where Aaron takes Healy out on horseback to see some of the sights in the desert.

Margo Collins said:
Wild, Wild Ghost is set in the fictional town of Rittersburg, Texas, which is based on a combination of several towns in the Texas Hill Country—Marble Falls and Fredericksburg, in particular. When Ruby and Trip arrive, the town is still brand-new, settled by German immigrants who are not open to outsiders (though they did put out a call for help from the Tremayne PSI Agency!), and part of what was still very much frontier country.

Erin Hayes said:
My story is set in Carolina City, Nevada, which is based on the real life Virginia City. Virginia City used to be a boomtown with a silver mine, but once the output there dried up, the city declined. I created a whole new city, just because I wanted to tweak a bit of history and geography, yet remain true to how the Wild West was.

Andrea Downing said:
Buffalo, Wyoming, is absolutely steeped in history—and probably has a few ghosts as well.  It was the main town—if you could call it that—for the ranchers, mostly British, who set up on the Powder River.  In the early 1800s one of them, Moreton Frewen, even had twenty miles of telephone put in from his ranch to the town so he could order supplies.  Later, it was where the hanging of Cattle Kate was planned, and it subsequently played a part in the Johnson County War.  It was also the nearest town to the Hole in the Wall gangs and Butch Cassidy is said to have stayed at the hotel there..

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Warning this is not a hot erotic series - sweet and sensual instead. 

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