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#TGTBTG Psychic Specters Investigators – aka #GhostHunters a New Box Set I #AmWriting

I’m very excited about a new box set that’s going up for pre-order around August 15. I wanted to let my readers know what I’m working on and share with you what others in the box set are doing.

Here is a question that I asked my fellow contributors and their responses.

Also, warning - This is not an erotic box set - sensual to sweet but it has some great stories you're still going to love.

I understand all the stories in The Good, The Bad and The Ghostly are connected to the P.S.I. Agency in St. Louis. How is your character connected and does he/she have any special paranormal abilities?

Keta Diablo said:

Psychic Specters Investigations = P.S.I. Agency. We decided to connect all the stories in the anthology with a common thread. And we knew we wanted to write about ghosts and cowboys. Thus, the Agency was created and its location would be St. Louis, MO. Some stories might have one of the main characters working for the Agency; others might have a secondary character connected to the Agency.

In my story, Comes An Outlaw, a secondary character worked for P.S.I. before his death. He plays a minor but important part in the story. He doesn’t have special paranormal abilities, but rather held an innate interest in spirits and the afterlife when he walked the earth. As a result of his dealings with ghosts, he’s able to transcend the veil between life and death.   

Patty Sherry-Crews said:

My character, Healy Harrison, is an agent for PSI. Unfortunately for Healy she sees dead people. This fact has made her early life hell. She became a social recluse and decided to move to the anonymity of a large city before she ends up becoming the eccentric maiden aunt of the family.
But she has learned how to turn her curse to her advantage, seeing and communicating with ghosts for profit.

Blaire Edens said:

My main male character, Cole Swanson, is a native of St. Louis. He’s an up and coming agent with Tremayne PSI who’s just opened an office in Reno. But he has one big secret: He doesn’t believe in ghosts. Instead of solving cases using paranormal abilities, he relies on logic and deductive reasoning. It’s worked just fine until he picks up a case that has nothing to do with rats in the attic or loose roof tiles and everything to do with ghosts.
My female lead, Annabelle Lawson, dreams of the dead. After she contracted scarlet fever, the dead come to her every night in an attempt to contact the living. On the run from an abusive father, she spots an ad for Tremayne agents and thinks it might be the perfect job for her. All she needs is enough money to get back to her granny in Kentucky and she’ll be safe from her father.  

Anita Philmar said:

My character, Ruth Olivia Wilson, R.O.W. is an agent for Tremayne PSI Agency. She is a medium and talks to dead people. She has travel across the country, helping people free themselves of ghost. She knows how painful losing someone can be and wants to make sure bring people here on earth peace but the spirits as well.

Charlene Radddon said:

  My hero, Burke Jameson, is an experienced agent for the agency and has had strong instincts regarding spirits and supernatural activity since he was young.

Margo Collins said:
Both my heroine and hero are agents for the Tremayne Agency. Ruby Silver is a former demon-hunter who comes to the agency with a number of paranormal ghost-busting skills—and a lot of baggage. Her newly assigned partner, Trip Austin, doesn't have any paranormal skills, but he does have a lot of experience helping the living deal with the their ghosts (both literal and figurative).

Erin Hayes said:
Hattie Hart was a saloon girl in a rough part of St. Louis who was plagued by seeing ghosts ever since she was little. She was rescued from this life by Nat Tremayne, although she has never met the mysterious leader of the Tremayne PSI Agency. For the past five years, she’s traveled around the country investigating paranormal disturbances, although she has disturbances of her own.

Andrea Downing said:
My agent, Dudley Worksop, comes from the Denver agency.  The PSI agency has done so well in finding ghosts and helping them that they’ve had to open a Denver branch! Dudley is an Englishman with very great powers of communicating with ghosts others may not be able to see and hear.  He is a very precise person, too.  These characteristics seem to run in the family because his descendent, Malcolm Worksop, who appears towards the end of the book, is very similar.

Wow, after reading all of this can’t you see why I’m excited by this box set.

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